We offer the best storage, collection, transportation and recycling methods in the industry.


Advantages of our Bulk Oil Filter Service:

  • Less mess: No more oil dripping on your shop floor, or drums of empty oil filters cluttering up your workspace. Our storage bins are constructed of 12-gauge steel and designed with a patented “drip-lip” to prevent leakage. You can even place them outdoors.
  • Less space: Reduce the space allocated for storing used oil filters by 50% or more. You receive a space-efficient 330-gallon leak-proof steel container that holds the equivalent of six 55-gallon drums or approximately 1,500 uncrushed automotive filters. It is also equipped with a lockable lid to avoid disposal of unwanted trash.
  • Less hassles: No more wasting labor costs on separating, crushing and transporting waste filters. A specially designed OFR bulk oil filter truck is used for collection when the container is 85% full. The container is emptied into the patented trailer in an overhead process that is clean and efficient, with no chance of spillage. The safest, most efficient process in the industry helps protect you from service interruptions and environmental issues.

OFR’s patented two-phase recycling process separates the used oil filters into three principle products: ferrous metals, filter media and used oil. All of these are reused in various manufacturing processes or as alternative fuels. We also typically use a shredding process that allows for a much higher percentage of oil to be drained from the waste material.